masáž zad plus dlaň s logem

Classical massage – No.1

makes stiff and painful muscles relax. Suitable after hard work, long time sitting , sports activities, or if you feel discomfort of your neck or your back.

No.1- Classical massage

(mass. of back and neck) – 30 min./240.- Kč

(mass. of back, neck and legs or arms) – 60 min./440.- Kč

mass. of whole body – 90 min./600.- Kč

Aromatherapy massage – No.2

makes stiff muscles relax, through gentle massage techniques. Etheric oils (herbs) balance energetic system and support the correct function of all body systems. Aromatherapy massage influences psychological disposition and brings deep relaxation.

 No.2 – Aromatherapy massage

mass. of back and neck – 60 min./480.- Kč

– mass. of whole body – 90 min./600.- Kč

FANTASTIC“ massage – No.3

– pleasing (enjoyable) massage. This kind off massage brings sensation of  pleasure and relaxation. It uses essential oils similarly us aromatherapy massage.

No.3 – „Fantastic“ massage

– mass. of whole body – 60 min./480.- Kč

Ruce s logem

Special Remedial (rehabilitation) massage – No.4

– a kind of treatment that helps to restore function of hurt „soft tissues“ (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Therapy involves using of various types of massage techniques.This massage has a direct medical effect for many health problems.

No.4 – Special Remedial (rehabilitation) massage – 30 min./240.- Kč

marmová terapie s logem i s Tarani

Exlusive“ – ajurvedic marma therapy – No.5

– the principle of this traditional indian massage is the combination of unique massage techniques, treatment of marma (specific energetic points or areas) and effect of herbs.

No. 5 ajurvedic marma therapy

– mass. of whole body – 3 ours /1 700.- Kč

odborná péče s logem

Physiotherapy – consultation and therapy – No. 6

 – physical examination and treatment of muskulosceletal system (block of the spine, injury, hadache …)

No.6 – Physiotherapy

 – physical examination and treatment of muskulosceletal system

 – 30min./240.- Kč

 – 60 min./480.- Kč


Marek Bohdálek DiS. (qualified specialist) –  physiotherapist, masseur

22 years of practice, secondary medical school, higher medical school, different specialized courses and training

The massage is my hobby. I am interested in meditation, yoga, zenbuddhism …

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